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Profit from all the benefits of our credit cards, which DIGITAL ASSET PAY bring at your disposal. You can use a card within our system or get one shipped to you at the comfort of your home !
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Visa Platinium

$50 Cashback

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This is a life saving card. it helped me in Ukraine . I was never able to travel with 500k $ without raising red flag but with their little card , I did
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Master Card

5% On Every Purchase

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Visa Tatanium

Unlimited Cashbacks

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Quick loans
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Prompt reaction towards your loan demand, ensuring that you incur no further delays in your plan of action.
Don’t bother stressing your brain, because the smart loan calculator is already performing the calculations for you throughout the duration of your loan with the interest included.

Personal Loan

Home Loan

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$ 1000

$ 30 000

$ 400 000



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64 Months

monthly payments

$ 1000

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Fast Transfers

send money online, at anytime and anywhere in a minute

At DIGITAL ASSET PAY, you have the privilege to enjoy an intuitive digital platform to help track all your business payments with 100% security and efficiency. Your money transfer has been made easy with the usage of the following transfer methods:

It’s an electronic method of transferring money online, and does not require any additional transaction cost.

A method to transfer funds immediately from one bank account to the other.

invest into bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies & money on our platform

- Cryptocurrency is here to stay and it is becoming very promising for future investments. You might consider investing in Bitcoin and other fast growing currencies.

- With a highly regulated KYC (Know your customer) system, you have nothing to fear while investing with us. Your satisfaction is what keeps us moving, and at no point shall we have you disappointed.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

- -
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Ethereum (ETH)

- -
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Tether (USDT)

$ 1
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Binance Coin (BNB)

- -
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Solana (SOL)

- -
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Cardano (ADA)

- -

Our Investment Plans

Any token you invest today will safe you tomorrow. Investing as an essential part of wealth creation, since it brings to fulfillment your financial goals and stabilizes your financial future. Instead of letting money idle in your bank accounts, you can invest in different avenues like stocks, equities, mutual funds and mixed deposits. We guide you to choose good investment plans, thereby limiting your risk of failure.


15 %

per Month

  • Minimum $ 100
  • Maximum $ 1,000
  • profit every 30 days
Invest Now


30 %

per Month

  • Minimum $ 1,000
  • Maximum $ 10,000
  • profit every 30 days
Invest Now


50 %

per Month

  • Minimum $ 10,000
  • Maximum $ 25,000
  • profit every 30 days
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100 %

per Month

  • Minimum $ 25,000
  • Maximum $ 100,000,000
  • profit every 20 days
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our mission

In terms of speed, efficiency, security, flexibility and high quality customer services, DIGITAL ASSET PAY (DIGITAL ASSET PAY) is the best digital banking systems you have near you. Having as main objective to increase the quality of services of clients' interactions and daily transactions. DIGITAL ASSET PAY focuses more on consistent innovations to better react promptly to the requests of its clients. Going into partnership with influential banks makes this drive to be reinforced as the days go by. Our success is measured by the success of our customers.


DIGITAL ASSET PAY is incorporated under the California Financial Liscencing Act Number 20213561068 and in United Kingdom under the company number 13817617 to operate legally.

Meet our partners

The expertise and quality services you see is as a result of our highly respected partners.
Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of persons – Steve Jobs.

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DIGITAL ASSET PAY consider being dynamic as a means of presenting the best user experience to its users...


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