Best online way to receive money & cryptocurrency without bank accounts

Best online way to receive money & cryptocurrency with or without bank accounts

You are using the most reliable and secured platforms with a high level encryption of your data.
Best way to receive money & cryptocurrency online without bank accounts

The simplest way to receive money

Just create an account, you automatically receive a bank number and wallet addresses, which you can share with the payer.

Why Choose Us ?

Here’s Top 4 reasons for using DIGITAL ASSET PAY account to manage your money

How to receive money and cryptocurrency online ?

DIGITAL ASSET PAY is the easiest to use digital banking service, just create an account and start receiving and sending money from all over the world. Easy to use, right !

  • Sign Up An Account
  • Send & Receive Payments From World Wide
  • Your Funds Will Be Transfered To Your Local Bank Account

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