Withdrawal of maximum money, cash & cryptocurrency funds from credit cards, bank accounts & ATM

Maximum money & cryptocurrency funds withdrawal from credit cards, bank accounts & ATMS

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

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DIGITAL ASSET PAY is a modern digital banking service which brings smart finantial solutions at your finger tips. Our service is flexible and easy to use
To withdraw maximum money cryptocurrency funds from credit cards, bank accounts and ATM with DIGITAL ASSET PAY, it's very easy. First make sure you have enough funds in your balances. DIGITAL ASSET PAY offers you 3 types of balances.

1. Cash Balance This is where all your cash money is stored. Money can be withdrew from this balance to paypal and other financial methods

2. Cryptocurrency Balance This is where your cryptocurrency funds like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins are stored. Money can be withdrew from this balance to Binance, Coinbase and other Global wallets

3. Credit Card Balance This is where funds from all your credit cards are stored. These funds can be withdrew from any ATM near you.
Once you are sure your accounts are funded, login to your account then click on withdraw and just fill the form. As easy and simple as that.
To send money with DIGITAL ASSET PAY, it's very easy. First, create an account. Then login to receive your bank number and wallet addresses. Fund your bank account, request the receiver bank details then use them to complete the transfer
YES. We use the best encryption algorithms, and a well qualified cyber security team to ensure your money is safe and secured. We verify email and phone before every single transactions to make sure you are the one effecting those transactions.
We charge very little or no charges at all. All your transactions and loans are made at very low cost
DIGTAL ASSET PAY is the best way to send money all over the world, Since we provide smart financial solutions at your finger tips. Just create an account to get started.
YES. Just click on the register button then select the register a bussiness account option to proceed

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